Welcome all Equity Punks

In October 2009 BrewDog, as a two year old company, took an unprecedented step and became a PLC. Then, in a ground-breaking European first, we offered the public the opportunity to buy shares in our company online.

We wanted the people who enjoy our beers to be involved in the ownership of our company and officially join the BrewDog team. We wanted people to buy into BrewDog’s vision and form the core resistance of the UK craft beer revolution.

The project was known as ‘Equity for Punks’. Over 1300 people invested. This is their website. 

BrewDog AGM Presentation 2014 (PDF)

BrewDog Consolidated Accounts 2013 (PDF)

Quarterly Update Jan 2014 (PDF)

Quarterly Update May 2014 (PDF)

Quarterly Update 2014 AGM Special (PDF)


BrewDog founders - Martin & James